Donate to the projects I’m visiting!

What is GlobalGiving?

  • GlobalGiving is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that provides an online fundraising platform for NGOs all over the world. Since 2001, over $47 million USD has been donated by 200,000 people to 4000 projects in 110 countries.
  • As an In-The-Field Intern for GlobalGiving, I will be visiting all of the GlobalGiving projects that are in Cameroon. I left on June 13th, and will be here until August 1st.

So why are you doing this fundraiser?

  • To have a unique way to share my experiences with these organizations and this internship with my friends and family
  • To take advantage of this opportunity to finally be able to have an easy, concrete way of having my friends and family help some of the amazing grassroots organizations I have encountered all over the world
  • And finally because I know that I have an incredible network of friends and family that when prodded a little, can produce an enormous, tangible impact on these communities.

Why is your goal to raise $4000 from 50 donors in 30 days?

  • Organizations must succeed in GlobalGiving’s “Open Challenge” in order to permanently join GlobalGiving. This consists of raising $4000 from 50 donors in 30 days. I want to be able to be a better GlobalGiving representative by going through the same experience.

How can I keep up with you?

  • There is a blog hosted by GlobalGiving that features posts from the 6 of us who are in the field all over the world, covering Armenia, Brazil, Cameroon and Turkey. This is also where we will post the “Postcards” that are sent to all of the past donors who have donated to the projects that we visit. You can find this blog here:
  • This will be my personal blog. I will try to make it so that it’d be unnecessary to check both this blog and the GlobalGiving blog.
  • The Twitter hashtag for everyone in the field is #ggInTheField
  • You can also follow me on Twitter: @laurelc90
  • (If you haven’t noticed, GlobalGiving is very big on social media. For skeptics, check this video out)

So for $10 bucks you could

  • a/ Get a small latte for you and a friend
  • b/ Buy a fancy cocktail and tip the bartender
  • c/ Make me eternally grateful, very happy, and most importantly support the work that these organizations are doing!

Please donate!

How often do you get to support communities in a far-flung country while having your very own Laurel Chor report back to you what she’s seen with her own eyes? 

Donate to the projects I’m visiting!


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