Educating All of the Children of Kumbo

Site Visit 7: Self-Reliance Promoters’ NGO – SEREP – Kumbo, Cameroon

Above: The current school for OVCs 

Self-Reliance Promoters’ NGO realized that there was a need to provide education and vocational training to the most vulnerable children in their communities: the children who at lost one or both parents, most often due to HIV/AIDS. The acronym “OVC” is not common knowledge for the average American—but in this community, it’s a much-needed shorthand term for the large number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children that live here. They currently run a school for these children, and are in the process of building a new one so that they can provide education and training to even more children! 

Above: A SEREP teacher at the building site

GlobalGiving is SEREP’s only source of funding — so I can promise you that your donation is needed, appreciated, and used to build the school brick by brick, or to educate every single student. 

Above: Three SEREP teachers showing us the school-in-progress. 

Unfortunately, as we are visiting during the summer holidays, we did not get to meet any of the children. But the passion of SEREP is very much tangible. In the video above, three teachers who work for SEREP thank donors for supporting the education of these children. 


Read Meg’s post about the visit here.

How you can help: Donate to their projects called “Provide education for 100 orphans in Cameroon” and “Give the gift of education – Sponsor an OVC child”!


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