A Community Taking Their Children’s Schooling Into Their Own Hands

Site Visit 7: Self-Reliance Promoters’ NGO – Kumbo, Cameroon

The people of the village of Tajika are in the process of building a new school for the youngest of their children. In Cameroon, kids start school at 3 years—but yet they are the only village in the vicinity that does not have a nursery school. The people of Takija don’t want their children to lag behind others, and thus decided to start this project. The community is highly involved and invested in the project—as you can see from the video above, Salle Wiylanynys, the chairman of the project, has two children himself who will attend the school.

Above: Some of the children who will be students at the new school!

Above: The elders of the Tajika village gathered to welcome us and to thank GlobalGiving for their support—GlobalGiving is their only source of funding.


Check out Meg’s post here!

How you can help: Donate to their project called “Help Takija build a nursery to educate 60”!


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