Elephant Slaughter at Dzanga Bai

LLC_9726 - Version 2
7/26: I took this picture of an elephant family in a small clearing right on the outskirts of Dzanga Bai.
I am posting one photo taken at Dzanga Bai a day for each of the 26 elephants killed by the 17 poachers who entered the clearing on May 7th. 
Please sign the petition to urge the C.A.R. government to do something about it: http://bit.ly/12kHOSt

LLC_8361 - Version 2

8/26: It’s not often that you see an elephant sitting like that.

LLC_9800 - Version 2

9/26: So wrinkly and pink! This elephant is only a few days old.

LLC_9634 - Version 2

10/26: This is what it looks like when a large, lustful elephant chases after you and your child with his penis hanging out.

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  • (*WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS*) This Huffington Post article was one of the few I saw that actually posted the photos of the carnage.
  • I made a video about Dzanga Bai before any of this happened
  • I also wrote a blog post about my first visit to Dzanga Bai.

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