Dodowa Festival II

The Dodowa Festival (first post here) was a wild whirlwind of colors, music and dance. But as an outsider I found the spectators just as captivating. Many stood and reacted to the performances in unison, smiling and swaying together. Children darted through and around the adults’ legs, feeding off of the energy in the air and the high-sugar snacks bought for them by parents in good moods.

I mean, just look at them. Adorable.

A delicious balloon.

Smiles all around.

Sandwiched between friends. 

A baby more interested in his succulent fingers than the partying around him as he hangs off his mother’s back. 

A friend helps this little girl get her earring back on.

Earring back on; ready to pose.

The elders watched everything from a safe distance.

The local candy shop was definitely having a good sales day.

A glamorous and poised woman.

Wearing the national colors of Ghana. Three beautiful girls wearing the entire rainbow.


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