Shui Hau – 水口 – “Water Mouth”

In the middle of March, I ventured to Shui Hau, a mudflat in a bay on the south side of Lantau Island. Its name means “water opening”, or if translated more literally, “water mouth”. I was with colleagues from the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation to pilot an educational program where schoolchildren would be brought to help conduct a horseshoe crab survey. Such mudflats are perfect nursery grounds for young horseshoe crabs. Some strange meteorological or chemical phenomenon was happening as the conditions were just right for a dense fog to materialize, covering the entire bay. It was a surreal scene–one that I have never seen and that I would have never guessed to see here–and I hope my photos can help you see that Hong Kong is a place of remarkable natural beauty. No horseshoe crabs in these photos, but I’ll post some in the near future.

Learn more about the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation at their website.